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Starting CrossFit or joining CFCH

Q: Do you take new members or are you full?

A: Yes, we take new members.

Q: Do I need to be in good condition to start CrossFit?

A: No. CrossFit is a scalable workout routine that will suit most of the people. Please do not hesitate to contact us (info@crossfitcentralhelsinki.com) or book a chat with us (No-Sweat -intro)

Q: I'm not fluent in Finnish/English, can I come?

A: Yes. We have a variety of coaches and classes, so you'll get the coaching either in Finnish or English.

Q: Is it mandatory to have an introduction (OnRamp) before starting if I have not trained in the gym before?

A: Yes. By going through the introduction we'll make sure that you will get the most effective and safe start to your CrossFit training. If you have excessive training background in weightlifting and gymnastics, please contact us and we'll figure out the best way for you to get started.

Q: I have trained CrossFit before or I'm currently training CrossFit elsewhere. Do I need to have the introduction before joining?

A: If you are an experienced CrossFitter you are welcome to get a membership and start training immediately. Please send us an email (info@crossfitcentralhelsinki.com) so that we know that you are planning to join us. If you are hesitant of your skills, please contact us before hand and let's have a chat.


Q: My monthly automatic payment failed for some reason. Do I need to do anything?

A: Sometimes automatic payments fail due to a system (Pike) internal error. Pike will do a retry in the following 2 days. If the problem persist, you can try to pay the bill manually or contact us.

Q: Do you accept sport vouchers, like Smartum etc. for payments?

A: Yes. We do accept Smartum, Edenred, ePassi and Eazybreak. You can either bring the paper vouchers (signed) to the gym or use the voucher providers’ online payment to transfer money to CrossFit Central Helsinki. In either case, the equivalent sum is transferred into your Pike account as an Account Credit that you can use for the membership payments. If you have enough Account Credits to pay the whole bill, you can use it by selecting Account Credit for the Payment Method during the Checkout process. If you have less than the whole amount of the bill, please contact us and we can make a partial payment by using your Account Credit and charge your credit or debit card for the rest of the amount.

Q: Can I hold my membership due to travelling, sickness, holiday etc.?

A: With the ‘1 Month CrossFit - Jatkuva/Recurring’ or ‘8 Visit Per Month - Jatkuva/Recurring' memberships putting the membership on hold is possible if

  • The hold starts from the beginning of the next month and the holding period is at least for one month. Please contact Janne (janne at crossfitcentralhelsinki.com) 7 days before the month ends so that we have time to process the hold.

With the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months holding the membership is possible only

  • due to injury/sickness with a valid medical certification from the doctor (minimum is two weeks)
  • if you move outside from the Helsinki Capital Region or abroad, and will come back

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

A: ‘1 Month CrossFit - Jatkuva/Recurring’ or ‘8 Visit Per Month - Jatkuva/Recurring memberships’ can be cancelled from the following month. Please contact Janne (janne at crossfitcentralhelsinki.com) 7 days before the month ends so that we have time to process the cancellation.

3 months, 6 months and 12 months contract can only be cancelled,

  • by paying the penalty fee set for the plan, or

  • if you move outside of Helsinki Capital Region

Q: Can I change my membership to another type?

A: You can change your ‘1 Month CrossFit - Jatkuva/Recurring’ or ‘8 Visit Per Month - Jatkuva/Recurring memberships’ to another type of a membership each month. Please inform us well in advance before the month ends so that we have enough time to process the change.

In some cases it is possible to upgrade your membership to a better/longer plan in the middle of the month as well. Then you need to pay the price difference of the plans.

Q: Is it possible to get a two weeks or one week plan?

A: No

Q: How much is the Drop-In fee?

A: 15€/visit

Q: Do you have discounts for certain groups like students, nurses etc.?

A: No. We treat all of our members equally and everybody pays the same price for their memberships.

Q: Do you have a ten time card?

A: No. Our price for a single visit is 15€/session which your best option.


Q: How can I buy a shirt/cap/drinks/tape etc.?

A: You can just pick a shirt/cap/drink and mark your name and the product you took to the paper sheet next to the products. We will then invoice you the sum of the product/s through Pike.

Q: Do you sell jumping ropes?

A: We sometimes have ropes available for purchase so please ask the coach if we have any at that moment.

Q: Can I invite my friend to a class to try CrossFit?

A: If your friend has trained CrossFit before, then they are welcome to join the class. Please advise your friend to sign-up in Pike to secure the spot for them. If your friend doesn't have prior CrossFit experience, then please ask him/her to join a special test class that we organise. Our CrossFit classes are intended for those with CF experience and/or a completed introduction course to ensure safety and efficiency for all our members.

Q: Do you offer special classes for Companies, Sport Teams etc.?

Yes we do! We can organise either one time session or weekly training. Please contact Janne (janne@crossfitcentralhelsinki.com) for details.